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EP-10 Multi-Fueled Engine

The EP-10 engine is an air cooled horizontally opposed piston engine with dual-redundant TCI ignition. Compared with its counterparts in the market, the engine is light weighted, consistent in performance, robust and maintenance friendly. EP-10 is an ideal choice to power fixed-wing UAV and VTOL of MTOW 60kg~80kg.

Technical Parameter
Configuration 2Cyl. Horizontally Opposed Displacement 183ml
Bore × Stroke 54m×40m Speed Range 2000rpm~6700rpm
Compression Ratio 10.1:1
Lubrication Oil Gas Lubrication Fuel Delivery Electronic Fuel Injection
Fuel Type 3# JET Fuel (or 92# Gasoline and Above, Aviation Gasoline)
Starting Method External Starter Starting, Integrated Starter Starting
Starting Conditions Cylinder Temperature ≥ 85℃(JET Fuel),Throttle Position ≥ 25%
Weight 6.5 Fuel Consumption 450/kW·h
Rated Power 10.5kW@6500rpm Generator Customized